What are some fun TLDs that exist?

Early on, if you wanted to have a website/online presence for your business you had to choose between a limited number of domain extensions (TLD’s) such as .com, .org, .net, .biz, etc. Nowadays, you have a little north of 1200 domain extensions to choose from. TLD’s such as .science, .academy, .dev, .link and so on.

Here is our list of domain name extensions that we believe fit into the fun category.

.fun: of course we are going to start the list of with this extension. A joyful extension that represents good times.

.xyz: A creative, bold and unique extension that definitely has a fun look and sound to it.

.party: Be the life of the party with this exciting extension.


.style: A fun extension that conveys fashion and design (there is also .design and .fashion TLD’s)

.pictures: A cool extension for photographers or for those who love taking pictures and posting them online. There is also .photo, .photography, .photos and .pics.

.gift: A fun name that conveys, well, gifts. It also gives the impression or represents freebies, rewards, discounts, coupons, promotions or maybe even an online gift shop. There is also a .gifts extension.

.games: A perfect extension for a gaming site, blog or any kind of gaming brand. There is also the singular version of this extension, .game.

.toys: Another short and memorable extension that brings to mind fun, happiness and good times.

.social: A good extension for people to converge and be social!

.video: A fun extension that you can use if you are a YouTuber, have a streaming channel or have any online video presence.

.movie: People love movies. yet another extension that brings to mind enjoyment and entertainment

.travel: A fun name that brings to mind trips and vacations.

.lol: Laugh out loud! The name that represents laughter, being funny or all things comedy.

.cool: A super cool domain extension (pun intended). This extension lets everyone know that up to date and on top of the latest news and pop culture trends. Also has a double purpose as some AC companies like to use the extension.

There are also cool and fun ccTLD’s such as .me, .tv .la and more. Another fun thing you can do with domain names are domain name hacks

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