Good names for starting a new chocolate business?

A good name would involve the word chocolate, such as Chocolate Factory, Choco, Chocoholic(s), Chocolategasm, etc. You could also use a name that doesn't convey or limit you to just serving Chocolate. If Possible, try to pick a name that will allow for your business to grow and branch into other products and/or services closely related to candy and/or sweets. As previously mentioned a more broad name allows for growth. Provided, you even want to offer other items and if not, a broader name would still fit your chocolate business. A good example of this would be names like Sugar Factory, delectable, Sweet Tooth, Sugarlicious or Guilty Pleasure. Furthermore, a more broad name will eliminate the need to re-brand, which can sometimes be a major hassle.

Moreover, make sure you have the matching domain name to your company name. I would assume that your business will probably operate mostly on the web and if not, you will still need a site that compliments you brick and mortar so the domain name is important. Also consider using alternate domain extensions if the .com is not available. There are all types of new and popular domain extension options now, such as .io (popular in the tech space) and .co (popular among all as an alternative to .com because co is short for company). There is also the new gTLD’s like .xyz, .club, .link and so on. However, for the type of business you are looking to start, good extensions would be .co, .shop, .store, and .biz. Also consider using your country code, if you are based is the United States, the .us extension would be an excellent option.

If you absolutely have to have the .com and your desired name is not available in the .com (which is likely the case) try using a suffix that states the industry you are in or describes the product and/or service you provide. For example, if you were starting a construction company and you want your name to be Blue Hammer and that name is not available in the .com you could do Blue Hammer Construction. Lastly, Avoid using prefixes such as try, get, use, buy, we are, etc. Blue Hammer Construction or something like that is much better because it has a better sound and look than Try Blue Hammer.

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