Domain Name sold for 10,000 dollars.

A man by the name of Cal Spears from Nashville,TN purchased the domain name along with several other state related football domain names back in 2012 for his fantasy sports site and sold the domain for 10,000 dollars. Here is a screenshot from Cal Spears twitter account showing some of those other domain names he purchased back in 2012.

Cal Spears stated that the domain was considered to be a throw in at the time.

"Some others I bought in 2012. WashingtonFootball was one of the "throwaway" ones in the package deal at the time compared to the big SEC schools."

Funny how the throw away domain name ended up being the most coveted name of them all several years later and ended up selling for 10,000 dollars. Spears stated that he received an email, phone call and a text message from a GoDaddy broker informing him that they have a buyer interested in the Washington Football domain name. Spears speculated that the interested buyer was someone from the NFL Washington organization, especially with all the news going on about the NFL team formally known as the Washington Redskins looking to change their name.

The initial offer that was made by the party interested in buying the domain name was for 3,500, a negotiation obviously took place and Spears ended up negotiating up to and selling the domain name for 10,000 dollars. As previously mentioned, Cal Spears figured that the party interested in the domain name might be someone from the Professional Washington Football Team and figured he could have asked for money but was not 100 percent focused on if it was someone from the organization primarily due to being focused on the start of the MLB season opening up.

“I forget the exact wording, but it was something like, They’d like to do a deal today if possible because they are on a short timeline.

“Then the next day, of course, the announcement pops that it’s the renamed Washington Football Team.

Cal Spears donated all the money from the sale of the domain name to the American Indian College Fund which is a charity that helps put Native American kids through college.

The Washington Football name is only a placeholder name until the the organization adopts a new name and brand for the team.

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