Google launches .new TLD

Sometime In December of 2019 Google added a .new domain extension (pun intended) allowing individuals to register a domain name ending with a .new extension. However, that was a sunrise period that ran through mid January, a sunrise period is a time frame (typically 30 days) in which trademark holders get a head start to register domain names corresponding to their marks before names are made available to the public.

After the sunrise period Google will make the .new TLD available to the general public for registration in July of 2020. The idea behind the .new domain extension is to provide another option to business and individuals to create shortcuts for their products and/or services thus eliminating long URL's and lengthy, cumbersome or complicated processes.

The .new domain extension joins a list of Google owned TLD's such as .page, .app, .dev, .how, .soy, and so on. And much like the aforementioned domain extensions, .new will require https encryption (The implementation of an SSL certificate). To get the full list of Google's TLD's and the registrars you can register a domain name in one of these extensions click here

There have already been a handful of companies who have registered domains with the .new extensions and have utilized the domains such as:

eBay Shortcut link that redirects you to the sell page.

OpenTable Shortcut link that redirects you to a page on to browse through a list of restaurants and book a reservation.

GitHub Repo (short for repositories) is a shortcut that redirects you to the GitHub page to create a new repository.

Spotify Create and manage playlists.

Medium Create an account on medium and craft new articles/stories.

And more, To see the entire list of all the companies utilizing the .new TLD for shortcuts or to see sites built on the TLD you can check out by google.

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