BrandBucket Acuires BrandRoot

By Lynox Byaus

Domain name marketplace, BrandBucket purchases competing domain name marketplace BrandRoot. The announcement of the acquisition was on June 27th 2019 and the amount that BrandRoot was purchased for was not disclosed. The acquisition will give BrandBucket an inventory of over 70,000 business domain names. This maneuver also increases BrandBucket's presence with in the domain industry and in all likelihood, sales will increase as a result of having over 70,000 quality brandable domain names at their disposal.

This move is not uncommon in the domain name industry. We have seen similar moves like this from larger companies such as GoDaddy and other domain name registrars by purchasing large portfolios of domain names from individual domain investors, other companies and in some cases, one domain registrar purchasing another registrar.

As previously mentioned, BrandBucket is a brandable domain name marketplace headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. BrandBucket prides itself as being the original marketplace for business names and creative brandable domain names. Brandbucket's portfolio of domain names is primarily comprised of .com domain names. However, they also sell domain names ending in the .io, .me and .ly extensions.

BrandRoot which is based out of San Diego, is a prime competitor to BrandBucket and an established player in the brandable domain name industry. BrandRoot has fashioned itself as a premium business name marketplace that sells creative and unique domain names to entreprneurs looking to launch their first company or re-brand their current one. The more important thing about BrandRoot is that they only sell the .com domain.

In a newsletter, BrandBucket founder and CEO Margo Bushnaq stated that she and Michael Rader (now former owner of BrandRoot) will be working together to try and get the most exposure possible for the inventory of name on both platforms. They also plan to streamline operations of both support and sales teams and combining marketing efforts.

Margo also mentioned that another reason for the acquisition of BrandRoot is the amount of quality content on BrandRoot and number of links developed by Michael. The idea is that all the content will help with driving more targeted visitors to the sites with the hope of converting into more sales.

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